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Bags Sewn From Upcycled Sails

Lobster Pot Swim/ Change bag.  £65.00
See the relevant tab for details

A selection of unique upcycled sail bags.
Totes, Messenger, Duffle and Back Pac.
Prices start from £35.00

All my bespoke bags are handmade from decommissioned dinghy or windsurfing sails, preventing the material going into landfill.
Eventhough every sail is washed - some stains remain - proof of it's past adventures and history, which adds character to your unique bag.

If you like perfection - this bag is not for you!

Large tote bag

Large duffel bag 

IMG_0892 (1).JPG

Each sail is thoroughly washed.

Individually designed, cut.

Individually sewn to shape, not mass produced.

Each bag ordered - A 10% donation is divided between the RNLI and Surfers Against Sewage.

For further information on how to order your bag - please do contact me or visit the shop page.

Telephone - 07766707093
Email -


Terms and Conditions

The size of each upcycled sail bag will slightly vary - as each bag is bespoke.


Unfortunately, colours can not be requested - it's just what sails that I have available at the time of order.



  • Lightweight and versatile.

  • Easy to carry, with webbing handle and shoulder straps.

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